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Michael Schumacher on Wednesday on RTL

Michael Schumacher on Wednesday on RTL

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The Cologne private station honors the 25th anniversary of the first title win of the racer from Kerpen, with a big TV evening

Bentton B194 No. 5 worldchampion 1994 1:43
Michael Schumacher 1994, copyright Fotos: RTL Kommunikation, TVNow
diecast miniatures modellautos Bentton B194 No. 5 worldchampion 1994 1:43
Michael Schumacher 1994, copyright Fotos: RTL Kommunikation, TVNow
Jordan 191 Schumacher 1991 1:43
Kai Ebel und Michael Schumacher 1994, copyright Fotos: RTL Kommunikation, TVNow
Benetton B193B Schumacher 1993 1:43

For some time now, Minichamps modelcars have appeared on the role models of the career of Michael Schumchaer with the inscription 25th anniversary on the packaging. And this has its reason: 25 years ago - exactly on November 13th, 1994 - Schumacher won his first World Cup title at the Grand Prix of Australia. Without being able to guess at this time, the young German laid the foundation for a unique success series in racing. The Kerpener won the World Cup seven times in total and is still the most successful racing driver of the Formula 1 history to date; closely followed, however, by Lewis Hamilton, for whom Schumacher, according to his own admission, has always been an idol example. The Cologne-based station RTL dedicates a comprehensive theme evening to Michael Schumacher on November 13, 2019 from 20:15.

Let's take a look back at Adelaide, Australia, November 13th, 1994: At the Adelaide Street Circuit it goes around hot. With just one point ahead of the drivers' championship, Benetton's Ford driver Michael Schumacher has gone into this 16th and final championship race at 04:30 CET, followed by his closest rival, Damon Hill. And still now the Briton in the Williams Renault sits right behind the German. The two drive fast in the lead, more dramatic can not aggravate a World Cup decision. On the 36th lap, it's 05:19 pm, the events overturn: Schumi slips off the track and touches a wall. With difficulty, he steers his car back on the asphalt, his competitor Damon Hill is now right behind him. When the driver starts an overtaking attempt in a right turn, a collision occurs. A most dramatic moment.

Schumacher tries to keep the ideal line, his Benetton flies over the Willams and lands in the tire stack - the end for him in the race! Frustrated is the born on January 3rd, 1969 in Hürth Kerpener at the safety fence. All World Cup dreams seem to have burst - but only for a few minutes. Because Hills Williams is damaged, too. He has to pit with a broken suspension and can no longer compete in the race. At 05:23 clock it flashes on the screens: Schumacher is World Champion! Throughout Germany, but especially in Schumi's hometown of Kerpen, the people who have turned on the racing broadcast at this night's sleep on RTL in the arms. The TV quota is outstanding: 1.62 million viewers are present since 4:30 clock live, the market share is 76.6 percent! Even the little Sebastian Vettel and his father are watching.

The Cologne private broadcaster RTL brings within the two programs "The Michael Schumacher Story" and "The 10 greatest Michael Schumacher moments" as mentioned on November 13th, the immediate anniversary, so at 8:15 pm or 9:15 pm a documentation of the events and traces Michael Schumacher's thrilling ride through the Formula 1 year 1994 until the final moment. The original racing clips show the relentless competition for the top and a Formula 1, which was still wild and sometimes deadly at that time. Schumi's glittering victories and his first World Cup title are overshadowed by the dramatic deaths of his fellow racers Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger at Imola just six months earlier. In addition, fraud allegations against his Benetton team.

Numerous companios come to word 

The difficulties involved make the fight for the World Cup a thriller. Parallel to the sporting chronology, the documentary also shows the human being, Michael Schumacher, in rarely shown footage: as an uncompromising racer on the track, absolute team player and affectionate family man. Numerous contemporary witnesses and companions of Michael Schumacher revive the World Cup year and remind of how pioneering the first World Cup title of Michael Schumacher was for the then really onset motor sport boom in Germany. Amongst other thing to speak, the then Benetton team boss Flavio Briatore, Formula 1-Imperator Bernie Ecclestone, Schumi's then rival Damon Hill, brother Ralf Schumacher and the fourfold Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

The modelcars with the imprint 25th anniversary on the carton or the display come from the production of Minichamps. Resin miniatures trace the cars from the early days of Schumacher. New to the limited edition of 1,032 models of the Jordan 191, with which Schumacher made his debut in Belgium in 1991 in the Formula 1 and have been published under the item number 510914301. The Free Practice version without TicTac sticker is available 300 times (513914332). The program includes models of the Ligier JS39B in 1:43 (517944399), in which Schumacher sat in the tests in Estoril in 1994 (700 pcs.) As well as modelcars of the role models from the Formula 3 era. The world champion car from 1994 CMR also has of diecast in the range; exclusively available at modelissimo and #keepfightingmichael

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