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Throwback Thursday: Citroën Méhari from Norev

Throwback Thursday: Citroën Méhari from Norev

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In two versions and in scale 1:18, the French remember a fun car that enriched the streets in the 1960s

Citroën Méhari 1983 1:18 Norev
Modellautos Citroën Méhari 1983 1:18 Norev
modelcars Citroën Méhari 1983 1:18 Norev
miniatures Citroën Méhari 1983 1:18 Norev
diecast miniatures Citroën Méhari 1983 1:18 Norev

A lot of movable parts are offered by the modelcars to the Citroën Méhari, which Norev presents from France in scale 1:18. The miniatures are produced of diecast and replicate a charming and rare fun car, which got no general operating permit in Germany, because its open body consisted of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, so ABS in short form, and this material was highly flammable and thus not approved by the regulatory agencies. The miniatures of the modelcar manufacturer from Vaulx-en-Vaulin near Lyon come in the basic version of the year 1983 under the item number 181515 in kirghiz orange as well as in the design azure in white (181516) to the collectors. Both models have in common that they have an openable tailgate and a removable soft top and you can take out the back seat.

However, the Citroën Méhari would not be Norev models if they did not have an openable bonnet, which allows a view of the replica of the two-cylinder boxer engine, which has delivered 22 KW / 30 hp to the front-wheel drive. The drive sets are designed multicolored and barely fill the engine compartment of the role model and model. The doors can not be opened in the basic version of the Méhari model; the Azur does not even have doors, but like the prototype only a section through which the driver can get in. The easy to clean with the garden hose plastic body of the original offers except a prototypical replica instrument panel along with steering wheel and the controls and black seats not much on interior, which also retell the modelcars.

In form and appearance, the small Citroën Méhari correspond exactly to the lines of the prototype; Norev has made no compromise to the usual attention to detail in this fun mobile. A total of 144,953 vehicles were built by the Méhari, of which 1.213 were four-wheel drive. This, they had the also ahead in the 1960s emerging buggies based on the VW beetle. In Germany you could allow a Méhari by individual acceptance and register. And then enjoy the summer, which comes to mind when looking at the handcrafted models, especially against the background of the current grey sky. Is there any better way of thinking about Throwback Thursday than to remember the summer mood and to travel in thought, in the Méhari on the beach and the sea, along a river as the seine in Paris?

Here: Click to the modelcars from Norev


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