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Kyosho shines with the Alpine A110 in scale 1:18

Kyosho shines with the Alpine A110 in scale 1:18

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A modelcar made of diecast, which excels in its craftsmanship and detailing, has been newly launched in two versions

Alpine A110 1973 Tour de Corse 1:18
Modellautos Alpine A110 1973 1:18 Kyosho
Alpine A110, copyright Foto: Nakhon100
diecast miniatures Alpine A110 1973 1:18 Kyosho
modelcars Modellini Alpine A110 1973 1:18 Kyosho

Twice won the Rally Monte Carlo; the win of the European Championship in rally sport and the win of the rally world cup in the years 1971 and 1973 go to the account of the Alpine A110 Berlinette, which had been built from 1962 to 1977 and counts to the big legends of motorsport. Kyosho has released two miniatures for that in the last week, which are available under the item numbers 08485B as well as 08485E and are produced of diecast. The modelcars convince at first attempt with its harmonious impression, whose look perfectly matches the lines of the prototype: The curves - still a challenge for model engineers and in this intensity only known from the Porsche 911 and VW Beetle - have been immaculately transferred to the models. Let's take a closer look at the little gems here. 

The team Alpine Renault used the two-door sports car in 1973 at the Rallye Tour de Corse, relying on the driving skills of Jean-Francois Piot and Jean De Alexandris and finished second with the A110 1800. The sky blue car with the start number 5 stood out because of the red roof and had at the front two large Cibie auxiliary headlights. Kyosho has meticulously devoted itself to the details of the decoration and recreated the sponsor stickers as well as the surface structure of the replica of the steel wheels. The glazing fits first-class into the diecast body; The doors and hoods that can be opened all around are certainly better than the original model when it comes to the accuracy of fit and the gap dimensions. A look into the cockpit reveals a level of detail that its peers have to look for a long time in model making. 

Fans of this blog know that we are particularly interested in what can be found under each hood. And here we are looking for: Four-color was reproduced, which performed at the role model 129 kW / 175 hp. The A110 1800 offers about 1.8 liters of displacement and is a four-cylinder in-line, the engine sits in the rear and has a water cooling system. The maximum speed is given as 215 kilometers per hour. With this drive set Alpine joined in 1973 in the World Rally Championship: Two years after the victory of an A110 1600, Jean-Claude Andruet and Biche aka Michèle Espinosi-Petit won the 42nd edition of the Rally Monte Carlo. This winning car is dedicated to the model with start number 18, which has the same sensationally well-made features as the first-mentioned modelcar. Our conclusion: Vive la France!

Here: Click to the modelcars of the Alpine A110 from Kyosho


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