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Maxichamps delivers three times the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL

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Three modelcars appear in scale 1:43 and out of die cast to the most successful S-Class of all times; one of them, however, as the newest exclusive model

Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL 1:43 Maxichamps
Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL, Copyright Fotos: Daimler AG
modellautos modelcars Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL 1:43 Maxichamps
Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL, Copyright Fotos: Daimler AG

It is the long version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class of the year 1990, which is created the from the house Minichamps originating label Maxichamps for the fans of the series W 126. The V 126 appears three times: Under the item number 940039300 painted black, under 940039301 in violett metallic and as a modelcar available only at and modelissimo in a special edition of only 500 pieces in dark blue painting (943039303). The friends of Mercedes-Benz will be pleased about it, because the diecast miniatures score not only with a good build quality and harmonious proportions, but they also remind of one of the most successful cars, the brand has ever built with the star: A total of 892,123 vehicles in all body styles left the bands; including the 74,060 coupes SEC.

Maxichamps has decided for the reduction of the longest version, which has compared to the basic version a fourteen inches extended rear and thus more legroom. This version is factory-internally abbreviated V 126; is known from 1979 to 1991 and finally actually built to 1994 series under the name W 126. The nomenclature completes the two-door coupe as C 126. With the 560 SEL in scale 1:43 the fan acquires the miniatures of the most powerful edition of that sedan , which holds the record for the most-sold luxury car in this segment to date. A 560 SEL of the year of construction 1990 had a V8 under the hood, which provided with catalytic converter 205 kW / 279 hp and without Kat whopping 220 kW / 300 hp. However, the hood remains closed in the miniatures as usual in this size.

The distancebased of the 560 SEL 1990 

At that time, you could not rely on model names: The eight-cylinder M117 series had approximate 5.6 liter capacity and delivered in 1990 a maximum torque of 455 or 430 Newton meters (Nm) to the rear-wheel drive. With catalyst, a V 126 reached 242 km / h top speed; without it 250. From zero to 100 accelerated the exhaust-purified version in 7.2 seconds, the unpolluted in 6.9. It was exclusively shifted by automatic transmission. A total of 75,071 cars of the 560 SEL had been built. Designer Bruno Sacco has set a memorial with the timeless lines of the W 126 / V 126: Even today, the side crash barriers are named after him, which also adorns or protects the vehicles of the W 124 and W 201 series.

Today the S-Class is a wanted youngtimer and the models to it still just as popular. 

Here: Click to the new S-Class V 126 from Maxichamps


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