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40 years G-Class: Minichamps brings special models

40 years G-Class: Minichamps brings special models

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Mercedes-Benz has released perfect miniatures in scale 1:18 of the model series W 463 with the people form Aachen, suitable for the jubilee-edition

Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse W463 2019 40 Jahre 1:18
Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse W463 2019 40 Jahre, Copyright: Daimler AG
Modellautos Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse W463 2019 40 Jahre 1:18
miniatures Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse W463 2019 40 Jahre 1:18
Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse W463 2019 40 Jahre , Copyright: Daimler AG
modelcars Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse W463 2019 40 Jahre 1:18

For 40 years, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is the measure of all things in the offroad-segment, for 20 years also with its extra portion performance as AMG model. It is, by far, the longest-built car model series of the Mercedes-Benz history and the forefather of all SUV's with with a star. For the jubilee there are five highlights for G-Class fans, so the car manufacturer. First: three attractive "Stronger than time" special models. Second: On request, the special model is available exclusively as the G 400 in the most powerful configuration of the efficient in-line six-cylinder diesel engine. Third: The new individualization program G manufactory celebrates its premiere, with which the customers can select their very personalized G. And fourth: the new G-Class Experience Center, where customers from all over the world, not far from the G-Class production in Graz, can test the impressive capabilities of the off-road icon under extreme off-road conditions.

And fith: The modelcars "40 Years G-Class", which we take a closer look in this article. One directly in advance: nothing was saved. The models in scale 1:18 offer all-around openable doors and hoods - not naturally now synonymous with miniatures of this size, which are made out of diecast. Minichamps has paid the utmost attention to producing the quality of workmanship, as well as matching model-to-model appeal, and delivering perfect modelcars that reproduce every detail of the special editions. The Mercedes-Benz special models for the 40th anniversary of the G-Class are available in two engine versions. With an output of 243 kW / 330 hp and a maximum torque of a whopping 700 Newton meters (Nm), the already mentioned G 400 d offers a good deal of driving pleasure.

The extras of the special models 

Alternatively, there are the Mercedes-Benz editions as G 500 with the 4.0-liter V8 petrol engine and 310 kW / 422 hp and 610 Nm. The Mercedes-Benz models for the G-Class anniversary and thus the modelcars are designed as AMG Line and accordingly have a wheel arch widening, AMG design elements in bumpers and outer protection strips, calipers with Mercedes-Benz logotype and in the case of the G 500 also has a sports exhaust system. In addition, there is a flattened steering wheel in the hand of the drivers. Thanks to the stainless steel package, side footboards, spare wheel cover, door sills and the rear bumper protection are of particularly high quality. The standard Night package brings the special model darkened lights and mirrors, spare wheel ring and design elements in the bumpers in obsidian black.

And: tinted fond slices pertain to the equipment of the role models of our little G-Classes. Details, which we partially discover at the modelcars. These are available in G-Manufactory monza grey magno under the item number B66961274 as well as in mojave silver metallic (B66961276) and the color G-Manufactory diamond white bright (B66961275). The miniatures come as advertising models in the packaging typical for Mercedes-Benz in the branches as well as in the selected specialized trade.

Here: Click to the special models 40 years G-Class


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