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Heavy chunk: Mercedes-Benz SK 1748 from Ottomobile

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With two versions of the heavy-class-truck, Ottomodels brings the modelcars of a tractor unit from the year 1990 in scale 1:18

Mercedes-Benz SK 1748 1990 1:18
modelcars Mercedes-Benz SK 1748 1990 1:18
Mercedes-Benz SK 1748, Copyright Foto: Svetlov Artem
Modellautos miniatures Mercedes-Benz SK 1748 1990 1:18

It is Throwback Thursday again and proven again, how fast a week goes by. Sometimes one does not either notice how fast years and even decates are passing by. The optics of the modelcars, which we introduce to you, is still so present in the mind that one does not believe that the idea of the role models should actually be back about 30 years. And yet it is like this: With the miniatures of the Mercedes-Benz SK 1748 Ottomodels reminds to a tractor unit from the year 1990, which comes to the collectors under the item number OT290A in glow red as well as in black under OT290B in scale 1:18. Their optics seem so familiar that we barely notice the years that have passed since then: a timeless design that still looks attractive to the present day and was perfectly adapted to the modelcars by Ottomodels.

The well-known label does not often releases models of trucks. Therefore, we can not help but to deal with these on 299 (red) and 999 pieces limited resin miniatures in today's post. The fact that we don't have to question whether the reproduction of the details corresponds to the quality of Ottomobiles in the passenger car sector can be taken for granted: As usual, the mold-making engineers of Ottomobile (brand name) and Ottomodels (website) have made the proportions very well. Everything is just right for the modelcars: the grille, the replica of the bumper with the main and auxiliary headlights, the environment of the windscreen wipers, the transparent-brown sun visor, antenna and bugles, exterior mirrors and the typical decorative stripes - all this can not be better!

The collectors may also enjoy the wiring behind the driver's cab, the execution of the tanks and hydraulics, the quality of the replica of the tires such as the wheel arches and rear lights and the replica of the mount for the trailer. We believe that not only with the models of the current semitrailer tractors Mercedes Benz Actros from the house NZG in 1:43 a new trend has developed: Trucks as a real innovation in the segment of high-quality model construction, which should reach the fans without doubt above all about the outstanding made details. Incidentally, the here presented modelcars make up the truck of the the heavy class - hence the SK in the name - which were built from 1989 to 1998, build on the concept of the new generation of 1973 and are considered as the precursor of the first Actros. A review Thursday that really gives pleasure!

Here: Click to the modelcars of the SK 1748 in 1:18

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