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In time for the Throwback Thursday: Models from Schabak

In time for the Throwback Thursday: Models from Schabak

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They are not novelties, but old stocks that have reached our shop, but they remind of quite enjoyable times

Schabak 1:24 BMW 850
Modellautos BMW 850i 1989 Schabak 1:24
BMW Z1 Roadster 1989
BMW 850i 1:24

Normally, this blog will feature articles about modelcars that have just been released, and less about miniatures that have been launched a long time ago. But because it is about models from Shabak and we celebrate the Throwback Thursday today - the day of looking back on things that are perceived as pleasant and as a hashtag on the Internet - we now turn to the 1:24 scale car models that you can get for affordable prices from the Ford Scorpio and Ford Sierra in police decor as well as the same size of the BMW 850i E31 in three colors and the Ford Orion (Escort). As well as the miniatures of the BMW Z1 with the legendary, retractable lifting doors - also in the model - and the big coupe of the C 140 series from Mercedes-Benz in the 1:43 format. They are all out of diecast and offer a lot: top models from the 1990s!

In short: openable doors and hoods all around in all scales! Attractive recreated engines; hold simple, but authentic. Absolutely matching lines in the design -the reproduction of the line guidance is very well made and is superior to many novelties nowadays! Looking at those details it is maybe the reason why the popularity of these miniatures stagnated, the finish does not fit anymore today. The gab dimensions of the openable doors and hoods however are acceptable but the paint surface is not the best. Also the highlighting of the window frame on the sides seem to be pulled by the layman by hand, if available; modern pad printing - nil. At the frond- and rear windows, there is also no black inside edge

Missing pressure is compensated by molds 

The interior mirror is indicated as engraving in the windshield; not as a separate component, but only drawn - unbelievable today, then state of the art. The molded exterior mirrors do not carry a mirror foil. The fact that the side-mounted bumpers are not only printed, but shown in some models as separate parts may be considered a plus point; The same applies to the execution of the multipart bumpers and their used, correctly colored, consisting of transparent plastic fog lamps and turn signals. The headlight lenses are also transparent, but unfortunately do not cover the diecast of the body. The interior door panels are different depending on the model, but not on all Schabak miniatures. Under the hood, a reduction from the drive record is waiting; with engine block made of raw diecast zinc and plastic covers.

Here: Click to the modelcars form Schabak


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