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Audi and the electric drive: model cars of the new e-tron

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With the luxury-SUV, the people from Ingolstadt got into the business of electric cars very lately. Spark delivers the matching miniatures in scale 1:43

Audi e-tron 2018 1:43 Spark
Modellautos Audi e-tron 2018 1:43 Spark
modelcars modellini Audi e-tron 2018 1:43 Spark

Is the slogan "Lead by technology" in case of electric cars still justified? Like all other German car manufactures, Audi lags significantly behind the pioneer in the field of automotive electric drive: the elegant styled Tesla Model S was presented in 2009 and delivered to customers, starting in 2012: Audi just starts with the sale of a pure electric car with the concept of the luxury SUV e-tron only this year in September 2018. A lead can no longer be discerned after six years of delay. It workes a way better at the production of model cars to the new e-tron, which Spark deliveres in the colors antigua blue and glacier white under the article numbers 5011820631 and 5011820632 in the scale 1:43. At a price - we must emphasize this - from under thirty euros: Audi attrackts positive attention with such favorable advertising models.

Because a Porsche or model cars from the shops of Mercedes-Benz are significantly more expensive. In terms of quality, Spark makes no compromises: The model cars of the e-tron matches exactly the look and shape of their 4.90-meter-long role models. The lines are perfectly corresponding with those of the five-door three-tonner (total weight 3,130 kilos) from the Audi factory in Brussels. In the case of the miniatures, made out of high-quality resin, the first thing you notice is the radiator grill, whose three-dimensional lines and rings correspond to the model very well. The headlights blend in perfectly with the resin environment; their inner workings are just as correct as the alloy wheels and the three-dimensional taillight line. Naturally, the interior, including the instrument, seats and controls is also very well done: we do not know this any differently from Spark.

Its public debut was celebrated by the Audi e-tron at the Paris Motor Show 2018; the first vehicles are going to come to the customer in 2019. The name reminds us in terms of emotionality rather to a refrigerator: And that from the land of poets and thinkers? Let's take a look at the facts: The system performance of the e-tron is 300 kW, equivalent to 408 hp. The e-tron is powered by the asynchronous machines, integrated in the front and rear axles with a maximum torque of 664 Newton meters (Nm) in boost mode. In this mode, the maximum power is given at the front axle with 135 kW and at the rear axle with 165 kW. The top speed is regulated at 200 kilometers per hour; to 100 km/h, the e-tron accelerates in 5.7 seconds. Up to 417 kilometers range should be possible. The price list starts at 79.990 euros.

Here: Click to the modelcars of the new Audi e-tron in 1:43


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