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Bburago goes further: Ferrari FXX K as a signature model

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The model cars in 1:18 scale are based on the version of May, but get much better equipment.

Ferrari FXX-K
Ferrari FXX-K
Model cars Ferrari FXX-K 1:18

On 30th May 2017 we presented it to you, the new Model cars of the Ferrari FXX K in 1:18 scale from Bburago. The miniatures, which are part of the Race & Play collection, are still characterized by opening doors and bonnets and have a lot of details in the interior as well as in the engine compartment. You can read the article at any time using the link embedded in this article, and you will learn everything about the model of the fascinating super sports car. Today we come back to the topic, because Bburago uses the FXX K in the signature series, so the basic model is raised to the level of significantly more expensive car models. Compared to the Race & Play edition, this costs a hefty twentieth, but it also has much more to offer than a glance below the functional parts.

More decorations, better appearance

For the introduction of the above mentioned article, we had pointed out the tradition that Bburago used to be the top model of Maranello, the F40, which made the Bburago brand as well as the 1:18 scale really popular. At that time, as now, the Italians attach great importance to the correct imitation of the model in terms of look and look. The Signature line is significantly higher quality, especially in the interior. For there is a greater number of decorations; The painting of control elements, switches and pedals is more pronounced. This is immediately apparent to the one who is looking at the central console of the model. The engine compartment has been painted more meticulously, and therefore higher quality and more authentic.

The model achieves 772 kW / 1,050 hp, whereby 633 kW / 860 hp of the twelve-cylinder in V-arrangement with its approximately 6.3 liter displacement are beteteuert. 140 kW / 190 hp comes from the electric motor of the hybrid system. Together, the system provides 900 newtonmeter (Nm) of maximum torque, and has a new camshaft, revised valve control and post-machined intake and exhaust channels, as opposed to the original FXX and its October 2007 evolution. The Hy-Kers system has also been updated and offers four options: Qualification to get the maximum power, Long Run to guarantee the consistency of the power over a longer distance as well as a setting for the manual boost for immediate recall of the maximum torque. Movable wing elements at the front as well as a wider diffuser at the rear boosts the output by 540 kilograms.

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