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McLaren P1 GTR – Modellauto zum Debüt in Pebble Beach 2014

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True Scale Miniatures bringt im Maßstab 1:43 ausgerechnet zu dem Zeitpunkt ein Modell aus den Anfängen des P1, zu dem dessen Produktion planmäßig ausläuft.

McLaren P1 GTR Maßstab 1:43
McLaren P1 GTR Pebble Beach 2014
Modellauto McLaren P1 GTR Maßstab 1:43
McLaren P1 McLaren Automotive Ltd.
model car McLaren P1 GTR scale 1:43

McLaren showed what the brand with the glorious names from Formula 1 is capable of with the supercar P1. With the model car of the McLaren P1 GTR TrueScale Miniatures is it then that at the time a new miniature on the market to which the entity from Woking to announce the production of the P1 as terminated. With the completion of the 375th copy, the curtain closes for the most technologically advanced and most dynamic supercar ever built from the perspective of McLaren: "From the beginning, the pioneering model has been designed with one goal: The best vehicle on the road and the racetrack being. Since the design study, which was the highlight for the debut of McLaren Automotive at the Paris Motor Show 2012, made the first model of the McLaren Ultimate Series headlines and lap records. "

Flashback: The time with the McLaren P1

Production began in Summer 2013 with a wonderful starting point because all copies were sold out even before the first vehicle delivery. The first model - produced in the color Ice Silver Metallic and extensive details in visible carbon fiber - left the production during the celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of McLaren in September 2013. A fitting tribute to Bruce McLaren, the man whose dream was that ultimate, to build on the driver tuned car. Each copy was - handmade according to the specifications of the owner - in collaboration with the team of McLaren Special Operations (MSO). Hence it was that no vehicle was equal to the other. One vehicle per day was prepared; each individual model needed in the average of 17 days to be completed.

The differences between P1 and P1 GTR

Before the designed and built for use on the racetrack, in 1000 hp McLaren P1 GTR was presented at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in 2014 - what True Scale Miniatures reproduces the model presented here car 1:43 scale - he completed an extensive and intensive, global training program. This resulted in improvements over the design concept that contribute to optimizing the aerodynamic performance and cooling. The track width is forward exactly 80 millimeters wider than the road version of the McLaren P1. With the front spoiler, the vehicle is 50 millimeters lower. The car rolls on 19-inch light-alloy wheels Motorsport with central locking and slicks of Pirelli. The lower part of the body is equipped with a wing which guides the air stream along the sides of the vehicle.

50 kg weight less

The little windscreen of the McLaren P1 Street Version is only 3.2 millimeters thick and has been retained, while the side windows are now made of special polycarbonate from motorsport and feature a sliding ticket window on the driver's side. The chemically tempered glass panels in the roof were just like the cover of the engine replaced by carbon fiber panels to give the interior a closed and cocoon-like atmosphere. The measures to reduce weight at P1 GTR give an overall saving of 50 kilograms compared to the street version. The rear of the track version is - as opposed to the road version - from a permanently mounted rear wing dominates, sitting more than 400 millimeters above the rear end; 10 centimeters higher than the road version.

800 PS delivers the gasoline engine, the electric drive 200

The greatest effect is achieved the rear wing in conjunction with the aerodynamic flaps before the front wheels, which up to 10 percent in order to increase the take-off contributes - up to 660 kilograms, 240 kilometers per hour. The rear wing mounted on lightweight carbon fiber pylon supports the DRS (drag reduction system) the street version maintains that adjusts the inclination of 32 ° to 0 ° by pressing a button on the steering wheel. True Scale Miniatures has made the appearance and the look of these specialties perfect; as well as the twin exhaust pipes, which consist of the prototype of an Inconel-titanium alloy: 6.5 kilos lighter than the already very light system the street version. Since the doors and hoods of Resine model remain closed, we see unfortunately not from the 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 petrol engine and the electric drive.


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[17.12.2015] BREAKING NEWS: Sad news from Dresden



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