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Upate 2020: Modelcars to the new Ferrari Portofino M

Upate 2020: Modelcars to the new Ferrari Portofino M

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LookSmart delivered three color versions to the revised convertible-coupe in scale 1:43 this week

Ferrari Portofino M 2020 1:43 LookSmart
Ferrari Portofino M 2020, copyright Foto: Ferrari S.p.A.
miniatures Ferrari Portofino M 2020 1:43 LookSmart
modelcars Ferrari Portofino M 2020 1:43 LookSmart

The Ferrari Portofino from the year 2018 became its updae in September 2020: The Portofino M received an eight-cylinder with 456 kW / 620 hp with the same displacement of 3.9 liters. The maximum torque is still given with 760 Newton meters (Nm), but now driven with an eight-speed dual clutch transmission. The racy Italian accelerates in 3.45 seconds to 100; in 10.8 seconds to 200. More than 320 kilometers per hour is given as the maximum speed. These are fascinating key data that really make you want to bring the modelcars into your home showcase. If you want that, you've come to the right place with our colleagues at LookSmart, who have delivered three versions of the modified edition - "M" for "modificato" - in scale 1:43 to retailers.

The folding roof convertible appears in three colors and initially with a closed roof: in the traditional color corsa red under item number LS524C, under the LS524F in a dark blue color scheme called blu pozzi and with item number LS524E in pure cervino white. The overall appearance of the miniatures corresponds to the sculpture-like appearance of their model; the front bumpers have imposing air intakes that give the front of the car a decisive, aggressive look. The breathtaking lines arouse the same emotions as the Portofino M that Ferrari produces on the assembly line. The details such as the grill mask with the contrasting and faceted tips in the original as aluminum slats have been transferred to the automodelli as mega as the replica of the front apron.

The new vents inside the wheel arches at the Portofino M improve the aerodynamics, which is underlined by a slash on the front bumper, which flows into the design of the flanks and gives the side view of the vehicle a visual harmony. The correct copying of the exterior mirror housings should also be pointed out at this point. At the rear, the new exhaust system made it possible to remove the muffler assembly, making the Ferrari Portofino M's end more compact. The result is that the rear bumpers are now more streamlined and sculptural. Their shapes are also visually lighter and their design harmonises more with the front bumpers, which the modelcars perfectly understand. Why, why doesn't a car in the price range of a Golf VIII have this shape, this design?

Here: Click to the modelcars of the Ferrari Portofino M 2020


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