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New: Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake in scale 1:18

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With the current novelties, GT-Spiritmodels presented strongly made modelcars to the rebirth of a Drag Racing Car

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake 1:18 GT-Spiritmodels
Modellautos Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake 1:18 GT-Spiritmodels
Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake 2020, copyright Foto: Shelby American Inc.
miniatures Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake 1:18 GT-Spiritmodels

The miniatures to the Ford Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake 2020 are limited to 1,200 units, which the label GT-Spiritmodels delivered now in oxford white and under item number GT306 to the specialized trade. The concept vehicle was presented as part of an event at the SEMA in November, 2019. The auto show in the Las Vegas-Convention-Center especially attracts tuning fans. In terms of content, it was therefore appropriate to unveil the study on the hunt for best times on the ¼ mile there: Drag racing is just as deeply rooted in the USA as Rock’n’Roll and Bic Mac. Growing the muscle cars, which are also based there, more and more power in order to set the fastest time in this discipline is part of everyday automobile life there. Developing vehicles specifically for this sport, Shelby followed the trend as early as the 1960s with the Cobra Dragon Snake.

The new edition from late 2019 is based on the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and is now topic at GT-Spiritmodels, as mentionend above. The miniatures from the high quality polyurethan cast resin replicate perfectly the modifications of the role model. This applies basically to the optics: The massive rear spoiler testifies to the purpose of the vehicle and its appearance corresponds exactly to the lines of the entire car. GT-Spiritmodels also takes care of the foiling with the name lettering correctly. The subtleties under the sheet metal, however, remain hidden from the owners of the miniatures: Shelby elicits more than 599 kW / 800 hp from the 5.2 liter V8 with its modified compressor and a modified exhaust system compared to the GT500 with corresponding new catalytic converters for maximum flow.

The car is shifted via seven-speed dual clutch transmission. According to the intended use with reduced weight: engine hood and rear spoiler are from carbon, the windows from lightweight glass. For the chassis, Shelby installed new stabilizers and springs at the front and rear. The one-piece forged wheels are fitted with high-performance tires, says Shelby. Despite its modifications for drag racing in 50 states in the USA, the prototype of these modelcars is allowed to travel to its missions on its own. GT-Spiritmodels has perfectly transferred the spirit of this car to the scale 1:18 and put fascinating models on the wheels. The mold makers have designed the details in the radiator grille, the inner workings of the headlights and the interior so carefully that the Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake 2020 also lives up to its top position in the range in the showcases of collectors.

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