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Minichamps: Novelties to the Formula 1 2020

Minichamps: Novelties to the Formula 1 2020

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Launch Spec-modelcars in scale 1:43 with Alfa Romeo and Haas F1; Spark takes care of the matter with the miniatures to Racing Point and a new exclusive model

Alfa Romeo C39 2020 1:43 Minichamps
Racing Point RP20 Stroll 2020 1:43 Spark
McLaren MCL 33 Alonso  1:18 Minichamps
miniatures McLaren MCL 33 Alonso 2018 1:18 Minichamps
modellautos McLaren MCL 33 2018 Alonso 1:18 Minichamps

Already in April of this year, the editorial team of this blog presented the Launch-Spec-miniatures; even in the mid of August, the readers and fans have been prepared for further modelcars of the Formula 1 2020. The Launch-Spec-Version consists of miniatures with the design of the vehicles as they would have competed in Melbourne at the Australian GP. The racing cars had already received their final design at that time and thus correspond to the status of the start of the season, which was canceled due to the corona crisis. The team from Aachen are now following action: with the modelcars for the Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen team and the Haas F1 team, they are delivering the first miniatures from the Launch-Spec-Series. But the colleagues from Spark were also hard-working: The first models for the BWT Racing Point F1 Team are available in scale 1:43.

The models of the VF-20 from the Haas F1 team appear to Kevein Magnussen under 417200020 and Romain Grosjean under 417200008; from the high quality polyurethan cast resine come the C39 from Alfa Romeo Racing of the drivers Antonio Giovinazzi (417200099) as well as Kimi Räikkönen (417200007). As promised by Minichamps, they correspond to the racing cars from 2020 and the design of the season start on March 15th, which, as mentioned, did not take place. However, the collectors now have the opportunity to open the 71st season of Formula 1 in the showcases. This goes into the 13th round with the race next weekend, which will be held as the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna on the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari race track by Imola. Further Launch-Spec models are announced by the end of the season after four more races on December 13th in Abu Dhabi.

But that's not the only thing that Minichamps still has in store for Formula 1: With the McLaren MCL33 item number 537183914, the Aacheners recall the very last race in Formula 1, which the Spaniard Fernando Alonso actually wanted to be his last race in the premier class in the year 2018: Exclusively at! With Renault, Alonso was world champion in Formula 1 in 2005 and 2006; Renault-powered, the endurance world champion from 2019 is trying to make his comeback next year. But in 2021 he will be 40; the editors see this less as the basis for many more title wins, but rather as a signal that it is never too late to turn your life around, even at a more mature age. But before it gets even more philosophical here, we should remind you of the Golden Autumn campaign: 10% discount on everything!

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