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Dream car of the 1970s: Opel Kadett C GT/E Coupe 1978

Dream car of the 1970s: Opel Kadett C GT/E Coupe 1978

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Minichamps dedicates two attractive modelcars in scale 1:43 to the two-door and precursor of the VW Golf GTI as part of the Maxichamps-series

Opel Kadett GT/E Coupé 1978 1:43
diecast miniatures Opel Kadett GT/E Coupé 1978 1:43
Modellautos Opel Kadett GT/E Coupé 1978 1:43
automodelli Opel Kadett GT/E Coupé 1978 1:43
Opel Kadett GT/E Coupé 1978, copyright Foto: Charles01

A review of the past week: When Minichamps delivered modelcars of the Opel Kadett C GT/E coupe as part of the Maxichamps-series, it was a great moment that brought back memories of one of the dream cars of the 1970s. At that time, Opel had a different standing than today; the VW Golf was at beginning of its development, when then Opel with the Kadett A and B already celebrated successes with the front-engine in this segment; to counter the aging Beetle with a better-equipped interior and the large trunk, a real alternative. The Kadett C generation attracted buyers to Opel's showrooms from 1973 to 1979; The role model of the here presented modelcars, the coupe GT/E, made its debut in mid-1975. Let's take a look at the models.

The Kadett C GT/E is so to say the forerunner of the Volkswagen VW Golf GTI I, which was introduced to the market in 1976; the Kadett GT/E appeared one year earlier. Minichamps brings the miniatures in scale 1:43 and from diecast, which are based on the model year 1978. This shows that the Maxichamps-series replicates the facelift of the Kadett C from 1977, which is recognizable at the indicators positioned next to the head lights. A good decision, because this look fits much better than the original version with the small indicators in the bumpers. The modelcars built from diecast come to the collector under the item number 940048120 in yellow and under 940048121 in contemporary green paint. The makers of Maxichamps have perfectly implemented the look of the sporty role model on the models.

Under the engine hood of the Opel Kadett C GT/E coupe you can find two drive plants: The 1.9 liter big four-cylinder 1.9 E with 77 kW / 105 hp as well as the 2.0 E with 85 kW / 115 hp. That explains acceleration values of 10.0 or 8.5 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour and a top speed of 180 or 190; it were 182 at the first Golf GTI. And not least because of this, these two wild types as well as the Opel Manta were among the dream cars of drivers license newbies, young and young at heart. And that's why the joy of looking at these good and affordable modelcars is great. A click on the link embedded below leads to the Maxichamps miniatures, among which many highlights from the past decades can be found.

Here: Click to the modelcars from Maxichamps


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