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Spark and the small series: Porsche RUF CTR Yellowbird

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With the new modelcars of the super sports car based on the Porsche 911, it shows how good it is to have resine

Porsche 911 RUF CTR 1987 1:18
miniatures Porsche 911 RUF CTR 1987 1:18
Modellautos Porsche 911 RUF CTR 1987 1:18
Porsche 911 RUF CTR, copyright Foto: ducktail964 - Flickr

Loyal readers of our blog already know: The use of the polyurethan-resin - often called resin plastic - allows the production of small series because of the low demands on mold making, whereas the construction of diecast would not be economically viable, amongst other things. It is understandable: Many fans reach for the model of the all new Porsche 911 than to the reduction of a deposit from 1987. Spark presented us with one of these last week: It launched the Porsche RUF CTR Yellowbird in scale 1:18. The modelcars with the item number 18S256 exactly trace the Porsche classified as a super sports car in the literature: the subtleties around the front and rear apron as well as around the exhaust system have been implemented in the model in an absolutely coherent way: down to the smallest detail!

The windscreen wiper blades, for example, should be mentioned, whose structure in appearance is just as convincing as the curves of the fneders and roof arches. RUF Autobile presented the role model, which is based on the G-Model, to this miniature in the year 1987. It was created on the basis of the Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 and published 29 times. RUF Automobile bought body shells from the car manufacturer from Stuttgart back in the days, assigned chassis numbers, replaced doors and front cover against parts of aluminum, waived rear seats and insulation material. To improve the body stiffness, a roll cage had been installed. Two turbo chargers from KKK help the Yellowbird to achieve a performance of 345 kW / 469 hp. These enable the driver to be fast at up to an incredible 339 kilometers per hour. 

In 4.2 seconds it reached 100, in 10.5 to 200 kilometers per hour. The specialist magazin (in Germany) "Auto, Motor und Sport" brought the Yellowbird in Nardo to 342 kilometers per hour. The car got its nickname from the "World's fastest cars" comparison of the US car magzine "Road & Track" in April 1987, in which it was even faster than a Porsche 959 or Ferrari Testarossa. The maximum torque is 553 Newtonmeters (Nm). The air-cooled six-cylinder with about 3.4 liters displacement is original manual shifted via a five-speed gearbox. If you want to drive a lap around the Nordschleife with this car, you have the opportunity to look at the 1.2 million times viewed video, embedded above: Our conclusion: it is good that there is resin and the possibility to realize such a beautiful mdoel. 

Here: Click to the modelcars of the RUF CTR 1987


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