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With the Ferrari FXX K Evo into the weekend: No. 54

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The Italian label BBR expands its collection for this unique super sports car of diecast in scale 1:18 and in corsa red

Ferrari FXX K Evo 2017 1:18
diecast miniatures Ferrari FXX K Evo 2017 1:18
Ferrari FXX K Evo 2017 Shanghai 2018, copyright Foto: Ferrari S.p.A.
Modellautos Ferrari FXX K Evo 2017 1:18
modelcars Ferrari FXX K Evo 2017 1:18

Street legal? No! Passenger seat? Just optional! What should the driver of a Ferrari FXX K do with that, because the sports car from Maranello was developed according to the manufacturer without compromise and equipped with technological innovations that are intended to guarantee an exclusive driving experience for exclusive customers;  Customers who are also test drivers and who should run a special program with the "prancing horse" in the two years after its first presentation in early December 2014. The FXX K is based on the Ferrari Enzo and, as mentioned at the beginning, was designed as a single-seater in the awareness that it should not be allowed to enter the road: Made for the race track but not intended to take part in championships. The small series label BBR has now added another miniature to its FXX K collection.

The aerodynamically optimized FXX K Evo 2017 in format 1:18 comes under the item number BBR182281. BBR has been known at its collectors for its models made of high-quality resin for decades. With the FXX K, the label turned to the main material diecast and devoted itself to a real cult object that is worshiped by the fans. Its "K" in the name stands for KERS, the Kinetic Energy Recovery technology, which in increases performance to maximize performance on the track in the Formula 1. The drive set delivers 772 kW / 1,060 hp, whereby 639 kW / 870 hp are contributed by the twelve-cylinder in a V arrangement with its approximately 6.3 liter displacement. 140 kW / 190 PS come from the electric motor of the hybrid system. Together, the system provides more than 900 Newton meters (Nm) of maximum torque. An engine that also impresses with the modelcars.

Because, as you would expect from BBRmodels, the collector receives not only excellent workmanship, but also incredibly profound detailing, which naturally stands out in the engine. And after the cover is lifted, it is completely exposed and can be admired with all of its units and cables in several colors. The specialists from BBRmodels met the impression of the prototype and its lines exactly: By the way, customers in China saw the new aerokit for the first time at the Ferrari Racing Days in Shanghai on May 27, 2018, at which thousands of spectators raved about the Shanghai International Circuit. There was also to see the No. 54, so the role model for the modelcars presented here and in this version also from Bburago Signature a little cheaper on offer.

Here: Click to the miniatures of the Ferrari FXX K and FXX K Evo


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