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Comeback of a superstar: McLaren P1 from Autoart

Comeback of a superstar: McLaren P1 from Autoart

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The high quality label sends the legendary sports car on the journey into the showcases of the collectors with three fresh colors and in scale 1:18

McLaren P1 2013 1:18
diecast miniatures McLaren P1 2013 1:18
modelcars McLaren P1 2013 1:18
McLaren P1 2013, copyright Foto: Axion23

Shortly before the end of the year, a modelcar celebrates its return in our prgram that has become a real bestseller: The McLaren P1 appears in the format 1:18 in three new colors and is reminiscent of the Geneva Motor Show in 2013 to match the Throwback Thrusday, on which the role model celebrated its debut. Autoart - ownspelling AUTOart - has again delivered top quality as manufacturer of the fantastic miniatures. The front hood of the diecast-McLaren is openable like the doors; the engine cover can be completely removed und gives an unrestricted view on the engine and rear suspension. And all this with such a successful attention to detail that we can only find in the area of the drive set at Autoart today. Just have a look at the replica of the V8 and we are convinced that you share our opinion!

The McLaren P1 belonged to the so-called Ultimate Series of the program of the British sports car manufacturer, which based its production of cars for the road on its history in motorsport. The P1 was manufactured from 2013 to 2015. Autoart's miniature accurately traces its drive: the 3.8 liter biturbo V8 comes from the McLaren MP4-12C and has an output of 542 kW / 737 hp. As a hybrid athlete, the P1 also has a 132 kW / 179 hp electric motor. The system output is 674 kW / 916 PS with a maximum torque of 900 Newton meters (Nm). It is shifted by a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The manufacturer's information on driving performance gets every car fan's pulse racing: 2.8 seconds pass from zero to 100 kilometers, 6.8 seconds from zero to 200 and the 300 is reached in 16.5 seconds.

At 350 top speed, the electronics regulate the pace. The production of 375 units, for which McLaren each requested 1.1 million euros, was sold out before the start of series production. This is usually as fast as with the modelcars presented here, which are now available under item number 76061 in the color azure blue, under 76063 in papaya spark - so yellow metallic - and under number 76062 in volcanic red. The appearance of the sports car is perfectly implemented in the scale 1:18; the lines of the exterior and interior match exactly the prototype. The carbon structures of the coupe are clearly visible. The build quality, for example in the transition of diecast to glazing, is high end and better not to do. The collector can steer the front wheels in the desired direction. An ideal Christmas gift for yourself!

Here: Click to the modelcars of the McLaren P1 from Autoart


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