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Unforgotten superhero: VW Golf GTI 1976 in scale 1:18

Unforgotten superhero: VW Golf GTI 1976 in scale 1:18

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Norev has reduced another version of a real crowd pleaser: The trendsetter powerful small car comes now as diecast-model in a new color

VW Golf GTI 1976 1:18
VW Golf GTI 1976, Copyright Foto: Volkswagen AG
Modellautos VW Golf GTI 1976 1:18
modelcars diecast VW Golf GTI 1976 1:18
VW Golf GTI 1976, Copyright Foto: Volkswagen AG
diecast miniatures VW Golf GTI 1976 1:18

That we describe the role model of this model as superhero has its reason: For those of us who witnessed the launch of the VW Golf GTI in 1976, the high-performance compact car was something like a superhero, superstar or simply the dream car of every adolescent or young man; even more than a Porsche 911 or something. A nine-eleven of 1976 - that was the actual sports car icon, as the Porsche 911 apply today? Norev has released to the dream car of all license newcomers and disco heroes of this time under the item number 188484 modelcars in scale 1:18, which we would like to introduce here. The diecast body carries the color alpine white and offers the fans to open doors and a hood, which allows the view of a small, but fine drive.

And there we are already in the detail: Norev has built the fronthood with function in contrast to the tailgate, so that the collector can inspect the reduced form of the inline four-cylinder; unhindered by today's usual panels over the engines. In the Golf GTI I from the year of construction 1976 brings with the introduced Audi 80 GTE engine with the code EG from its 1.6 liter displacement 81 kW / 110 hp and waived a catalyst, but had an additional oil cooler and ventilated front disc brakes. The engineers designed a stabilizer on the front axle and a load-dependent brake controller was mounted on the rear axle. Due to its performance, the Golf GTI received a brake booster in 1976. And some details that are considered as characteristic of it.

For example, the sports steering wheel with three perforated spokes or the shifter in the form of a golf ball. The eye-catching fender flares are made out of plastic and the front spoiler is larger than at the weaker Golf. The red-framed grille and the rear window with black adhesive film were further characteristics of the then strongest golf, which should justify the success of the so-called hot-hatches - sporty small cars with high performance, even if the cadet GS / E in front of him on the market was. The top speed is given with 182 kilometers per hour; The GTI drives from zero to 100 in 9.2 seconds. For 13,850 euros, it was then available; Fortunately, the modelcars are cheaper and, in their perfect appearance and good workmanship, more than live up to the legendary model: a must-have for every VW driver.

Here: Click to the VW Golf GTI 1976 from Norev


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