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Caterham Seven 275 R: Race car for the street new from Solido

Caterham Seven 275 R: Race car for the street new from Solido

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Diecast modelcars were first presented at the International Toy Fair 2019 and are already available in 1:18 scale

Caterham Seven 275 R 2014 1:18
Modellautos Caterham Seven 275 R 2014 1:18
Caterham Seven 275 R 2014 1:18 Spielwarenmesse 2019
miniatures Caterham Seven 275 R 2014 1:18
BMW M3 E30 DTM 1989 1:18 Roberto Ravaglia

After the Ferrari 488 Pista, which we reported in the blog yesterday, now also a part of the trade fair news from Solido have arrived: Not only to the BMW M3 E30, as he helped Roberto Ravaglia in winning the DTM in 1989, but also from the "race car for the road" - quote Caterham - Solido now brings the models shown in Nuremberg for the first time on the market. With the 2014 Caterham 275 R, the driver actually has the feeling of sitting in a monoposto. Although the free-standing wheels are covered with fenders according to the registration regulations, they nevertheless convey a touch of Formula 1 feeling. The vehicle was originally launched as Lotus Seven on the market, but after the bankruptcy of the rich in tradition company took over in 1974, founded the company Caterham Cars Seven.

Initially, however, the company launched by Graham Nearn traded as Seven Cars. The name was retained by the company until 1989. Nearn was very familiar with the Lotus Seven, but he acted until the end of the work as a dealer. In 1973, he acquired the rights to the vehicle and started a comeback of production. Over time, many changes were made to the construction of the Caterham Seven. New gearboxes and axles were installed. Incidentally, the Lotus Seven was originally a kit car for self-assembly. The role model for our model is the Caterham Seven 275. The designation shows that under the miniaturized hood a in-line four-cylinder Ford is running, which generates from 1.6 liter capacity 100 kw / 136 hp.

Performance and packages
The 3.3 meter sports equipment reaches the speed of 100 in just 5.0 seconds and reaches a top speed of 196 kilometers per hour. At a tare weight of 540 kilograms; The 165 Newton meters (Nm) of maximum torque act on a five-speed gearbox on the rear wheels. Since 2015, Caterham has complemented the program with the S and R packages, which are designed to meet the needs of the owners. The S-package is more for the convenience-in-love casual rider and features, for example, a fully carpeted cockpit, a larger windshield, side panels and leather seats. The R-Package meets the needs of the driver who wants to use his Seven on the race track at the weekend.
The status as a street legal car remains unchanged, but the equipment of the Seven 275 R is extended by a differential with limited slip, a sports suspension, a four-point racing harness and other racing-oriented upgrades. A basic version of the Seven 275 can be bought from Caterham Germany in Dierdorf for 35,900.00 Euro; upgraded with numerous extras such as carbon parts, a new Seven 275 R can also cost € 51,491.00. The modelcars of the Caterham Seven 275 R are then much cheaper, are made out of diecast and are available under the item number S1801801 in the color combination green / black and S1801802 in blue / orange. In appearance, they correspond exactly to the role model, which we would not have expected otherwise from Solido, however. Have fun with it!


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