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Our companion into the weekend: The Porsche 911

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After the presentation of the eighth generation, the NewPorsche911 is in conversation. The modelcar builders still love the vintages before.

Porsche 901 1:43 Atlas #modellini #modellautos #miniatures #modelcars #NewPorsche911
Porsche 911 1:43 Atlas #modellini #modellautos #miniatures #modelcars #NewPorsche911
Porsche 911 993 1:43 Atlas #modellini #modellautos #miniatures #modelcars #NewPorsche911
Porsche 911 #Carrera G-Modell 1:43 Atlas #modellini #modellautos #miniatures #modelcars #NewPorsche911
#Porsche911 Porsche 911 992 2019

Basically all men should agree: What could be better than cruising the country roads with the lady of your heart on a weekend in a Porsche 911? We mean: nothing! Anyone who has ever been able to drive a nine-eleven or even possessed or knows that the driving machine is really fun, especially when you have time to exploit the sporting genes. Maybe even on the country roads around the Nürburgring: The curvier, the better! The eighth generation listens to the series number 992 and will come to the dealerships in the middle of next year. It celebrated its world premiere on Wednesday and is based heavily on the Porsche 993 in design. To its predecessor, the 964 series, Minichamps has launched two new model cars yesterday, which we also want to address, as well as the Atlas 911 collection.

Because these - let's start with Atlas - provides a great opportunity for nine-eleven fans and those who want to be, to immediately build a wide base for a collection. The range of scale 1:43 model cars ranging from the original 911 from 1964 - still under the name 901 - on the Targa from 1965 and 1973 to the 911 Speedster 1989. Of course, the highlights from the history of the 911 are represented , such as the 911 Carrera RS 1973 and the Porsche 930 Turbo 1975, so the first turbo from Stuttgart. Models of the coupe are the 911 S 2.4 1972, the G-model 911 Carrera 3.2 1984, the 911 Carrera 4 (964) in 1991 and the 911 Carrera 4S 1995 (993). The series 996 and 997 are represented with a convertible and a coupe: 14 models are the tracing the entire history of the Porsche 911 in the model.

And this in an acceptable quality: the paint finishes are great! The appearance and the design of the lines are hit exactly. The details in the area of chrome bumpers, spoilers and rims are outstanding. The model cars we describe here are from Atlas and are offered in Porsche advertising model packaging; currently at a very convenient price. Just click below and have a look! Minichamps is currently presenting two 1:18 scale miniature models - limited in yellow and blue, limited to 600 or 500 units - the Porsche 911 Turbo from the 1990 model series, which are among the finest in terms of processing and execution of their details. The 964 was compared to the technically advanced predecessor G-model, comfortable and offered for the very first time in the Porsche 911 four-wheel drive.

The Porsche 964 from Minichamps

Just like today's 992, the 964 is very similar to its predecessor and basically only offered new bumpers. In fact, the 1988 introduced, new nine-eleven was an 80 percent new car, which received a complete new suspension. The example of the new model cars appeared in 1990 and raised from its turbocharged engine with 3.3 liters 235 kW / 320 hp. We do not know yet how strong the turbo of the new nine-eleven will be. After all, the new 992 Carrera S already makes 331 kW / 450 hp; we're guessing that the number of power will have a 6 in front. For us it's still exciting who presents the first model cars for the NewPorsche911. And until this will be announced, we enjoy the Atlas 911 collection, the new Minichamps 964 and the ride with the loved ones across the still snow-free highways.

Here: Click to all old Porsche 911 from Atlas 1:43 in an overall view

Click here to the new 911 964 from Minichamps in 1:18


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